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Have You Received A Call From This Number: 866-491-2180?

Posted on February 3, 2012

Have you been getting one or multiple phone calls from 866-491-2180?

        This is a credit card SCAM company. They will make numerous calls to you in an effort to get your information and they'll keep calling until you give in. DO NOT GIVE IN! If you give them your information they will randomly charge your credit card different amounts ranging from $13.95 to $50.00. They will offer you free gas certificates ($120-$150) as an incentive. DO NOT FALL FOR IT! It will cost you more in the end.

What can you do?

        You can call us and we will close your card and issue you a new one at no charge. You can tell them your card account is closed. You can report them to and while you are there register your phone number to stop those annoying calls. You can call them back but you will probably only hear a busy signal.

Polish National Credit Union has never and would never give your information to anyone.

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