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I'm Going On Vacation and Plan on Using my ATM or Debit Card, Should I Notify The Credit Union?

Posted on February 22, 2013
We ask this because this should be done as a matter of routine when one travels. We have had times when members haven’t done this and they have received phone calls from our card company about changes in the pattern of use on their card. It's good that they call and ask and it's good they are checking. Since this has happened to members a couple of times, we wanted to let you know that you should make it a point to call us here at the credit union prior to traveling, especially when going out of the country and we would be better likely to see patterns of use that are out of the ordinary.
In short, the answer is: Yes, to avoid the possibility of your card being blocked due to unusual activity.

Please have the following information ready:
- Name as it appears on the card
- Card number
- Dates of travel
- Places of travel
- Phone number in case of any questions about transactions

All ATM and Debit Card members should call 413-592-9495 to report any travel plans.

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