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EMV Chip Cards Are Here!

Posted on February 16, 2017

The Switch to EMV Debit MasterCards

PNCU has begun issuing chip cards in February, 2017 and are expected to be completely converted to EMV chip technology by March 31,2017. Merchants nationwide are gradually updating their terminals to accept chip cards; at stores that have not yet done so, you can continue to use your NEW EMV chip card's magnetic strip with no greater fraud liability than you would have with using the chip. All non-chip cards will be deactivated on March 31, 2017.

Obtaining an EMV (Euro MasterCard Visa) Chip Debit Card

When your current card expires (on or after 01/17), your reissued card will be an EMV chip card. Please contact PNCU immediately, if you have not received your new chip card before your March 31, 2017 and we can instantly issue a chip card for you.

How to use your chip card at EMV Terminals

At merchants that have installed EMV terminals, you will insert your card into the reader (typically located at the bottom of the terminal) and leave the card in the machine until the transaction is processed. You may be asked to sign for EMV transactions. After the transaction is processed, the screen will display a reminder to remove the card and the terminal will beep. Many merchants do not yet have EMV terminals. In this case, you will swipe your card using the magnetic strip.

How to use your chip card at Chip-enabled ATMs

Just as cardholders learn to use their chip cards instead of swipe at many retailers, that adjustment will have to be made at ATMs, too. EMV-compliant ATMs will still be able to read magnetic stripe cards, but they will also have to accept a card that allows chip processing.

There are two ways EMV cards can be processed. In some instances, the dip insert reader may act as a “card grabber.” You slip the card in and it grabs it and holds it. For those who aren’t used to waiting for a chip card to process, leaving the card in the ATM could create some confusion and even left-behind cards.

Once you figure out how to insert a chip card into an upgraded ATM, you might also have to navigate new on-screen prompts to complete a transaction. When you use your new ATM debit cards, you may be prompted to pick between two choices – MasterCard Credit, or Debit. This selection process is usually something ATMs do internally, so the prompt can be confusing to ATM users who’ve never seen it. However, you can select either option and still be able to proceed with your transaction.

For now, be aware of the various prompts and procedural changes you might experience at an ATM .

What is different about your new card?

Your new card features an embedded chip that improves security every time you make a purchase at a chip-enabled terminal. The chip technology creates a unique code for each transaction that is difficult to duplicate, reducing the risk of fraudulent charges on your account.

If the terminal is chip-enabled, it will recognize that your card has a chip and prompt you to insert it instead. You can still use your card at the ATM to get cash, check your balance and more.

What about my PIN (Personal Identification Number)?

One important difference with chip cards is the PIN for the card. If your existing debit card starts with:

514228 or 557219 - When you receive your chip card, your pre-selected PIN will remain the same.
510632 - You will soon receive your NEW PIN notification letter in the mail. If you wish to change the PIN, you may call 800-448-8268.

You can activate your new card by making a withdrawal or balance inquiry with your PIN at ANY ATM.

If you plan to use your debit card for cash advances at an ATM, memorize the PIN. For your protection, do not write your PIN on your card. Do not at any time keep the PIN mailer and card together in your wallet or elsewhere. Never reveal your PIN to anyone.

For further questions or to report loss or theft of your card(s) immediately by calling us: 866-592-7628

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To answer your question Mark, yes. The payments will still be available to make online.
1/22/2018 8:37:51 AM

Mark Hansen
Will we still be able to make online payments to our new Credit Cards after the arrangement with EZ Card ends with the issue of the new cards?
1/19/2018 4:19:01 PM

Consumer experience wasn't really in the forefront of the dialogue between merchants, financial institutions and networks like MasterCard. The predominant conversation was more around, how do we get the benefits of EMV to our customers, fast. The good news? This is reducing fraud by a magnitude.

The frustration, which you clearly stated, is waiting to sign and having the transaction take a few seconds longer to transact. However, most terminals will allow you to opt for the 'debit' option and this will reduce the need to sign, by entering your PIN.

With more and more businesses climbing on board with the EMV technologies, you should start to see better improvements to the updates of these cards and terminals.
4/19/2017 10:44:16 AM

Harold Langford
I'm glad to have the chipped debit card, but I'm finding it very irritating to practically having to sign for everything I purchase. Isn't there something I can do to eliminate this feature?
4/19/2017 5:24:42 AM

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