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Alert! - Medical Card Scam

Posted on November 29, 2012

They're calling folks in the area claiming they're going to send you a new medical card and they already have your name, address and phone number.

Next, they ask for your checking account information, stating they need the number connected to the new medical card (sometimes referred to as: senior card, senior medical card or new health card).

That is when the warning bells should go off, as they did for a member recently. Just remember, the legimate companies/groups your affiliated with - like your insurance company, Social Security, Medicare, and your credit union - already have your personal information.

They will never ask for it unless you are the one initiating the call and they're trying to verify your identity.

If your suspicious of any phone call, get the person's name and numer and calmly state that you will have to get the information and call them back. The caller will usually hang up at this point, since the information is not forthcoming.

If they do give you a name and number then immediately call the Medicaid Fraud Division number, (617) 963-2360, and report the information.

Please remember the following tips to avoid being scammed:

1) Never give out personal information

2) Never wire money to claim a prize

3) Never deposit checks from an unknown person

4) Always be skeptical. If you do not remember entering a contest, then it is probably a scam.

5) Report possible scam activity to the Attorney General's office at (888) 243-5337 or go to

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My elderly parents received this call on Saturday. My Mom ended up giving them their bank account routing number. Thank God she did not give their account number. Dad told me about it and I advised him to call number on back of his bank card. Everything turned out fine, but we had a few scary moments. These scammers are professionals and know exactly what they are doing. Please if you have elderly parents, friends, pass this information along. Unfortunately, these scammers target the elderly because they are so trusting and not use to a world of technology and dishonesty.
9/18/2013 10:25:25 AM

Helen ONeil
very good info.
2/2/2013 10:22:56 AM

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