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Combo scam alert

Do you know the old saying, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?" Well this scam is exactly that! Recipients are receiving letters that emphatically explain they are the winners of a "special" lottery or grant. These letters or e-mails are asking for the recipient to respond via e-mail or phone with their name, phone (mobile), age, address, and country. This is again a way for them to gather your information.

The second half of this scam is they send you a security check for you to deposit and ask you to send a specific portion back to hold your grant, remaining balance to be recipient's portion. Check is usually a very large dollar amount with very small portion to be sent back. When financial institution receives check back as fraud the recipient is now responsible for the entire amount.

Do not deposit any checks into your account unless you know the maker well. If you question the item in any way, ASK US!

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