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FYI: DO NOT OPEN fraudulent emails claiming to be from QuickBooks Online

Please be aware of a FRAUDULENT EMAIL being circulated to QuickBooks customers with the subject "QuickBooks Update". Intuit is currently investigating the email that was sent to some customers the past few days which claims that the communication is from QuickBooks Online. The email claims that users will mot be able to access their account unless they download the "Intuit Security Tool (ISTTM)." That link goes to a fraudulent website. This email, and similar fraudulent emails of this type, frequently incluse authentic-looking company logos, legitimate toll-free numbers and postal addresses. Often the email indicates that it is an auto-notification with a warning not to reply to the message.

What can you do?

To protect yourself from fraudulent emails and websites, here's what you do:

  • Be suspicious of any emails that asks for personal information, requires you to download anything or requests your authentication information to access your online account.
  • Do not click any links in a suspicious email.
  • Do not download any tools from an email.
  • Delete any suspicious emails from your inbox and trash bin immediately.
  • Keep your self informed about any QuickBooks security issues by visiting Intuit Security.