***Notice of Special Meeting of Members***

January 15, 2020


Location: Main Office

The Polish National Credit Union

46 Main Street, Chicopee, MA

On January 15, 2020, at 7:00 PM, the Polish National Credit Union will hold a Special Meeting at its main office located at 46 Main Street, Chicopee, Massachusetts. The Special Meeting is being held to:

(1) To approve a proposal to amend the Polish National Credit Union’s By-laws so as to (a) clarify the roles and responsibilities of directors, the president and chief executive officer and other officers; (b) decrease the size of the board of the directors from fifteen (15) to thirteen (13) members; (c) specify age and other eligibility requirements for directors; and (d) otherwise update and revise the by-laws to reflect best practices.

(2) To consider any other business which may legally come before the meeting.

The proposed bylaws are available for inspection and the Polish National Credit Union’s main office and branches and copies may be obtained by members upon request. The Polish National Credit Union’s Board of Directors recommends that its members vote FOR the amendment of the By-laws. To vote, a member must be present at the Special Meeting and vote in person. Voting by proxy or mail in not permitted. We strongly urge you to attend and vote at the Special Meeting.

If there are insufficient votes for approval of the amendment of the By-laws at the time of the Special Meeting, the Special Meeting may be postponed or adjourned to permit further solicitation of votes.


Posted: October 14, 2019

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