President’s Message

Jim Kelly

Your Money is Safe at the Polish National Credit Union (PNCU)

To Our Members:

While the nation has experienced a few bank failures, the Polish National Credit Union has never been healthier, safer or more financially sound than it is today.
This is the result of values. The overriding philosophy of the Polish National Credit Union since its founding in 1921, has been to provide for the long-term, financial health of its members. That includes fiscally sound, safe, and conservative lending and investment practices. It also requires sound, professional management dedicated to operational efficiency and the highest level of service to our members.


We have adhered to those values, and it shows:
• Your deposits are safe at PNCU. All deposits at PNCU are fully insured. Banks are insured by the FDIC but credit unions are insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) up to
$250,000. PNCU also has excess insurance with the Massachusetts Share Insurance Corporation (MSIC) for deposits above the $250,000 threshold.
• PNCU is very strong. According to NCUA Regulations, a credit union is “well capitalized” if its Capital to Asset Ratio is 7%. The PNCU’s Capital to Asset Ratio is 12.27% … significantly above what is considered a very healthy position.
• PNCU is profitable. PNCU’s Net Income for 2022 was $4.3Million and it’s on pace for similarly positive results in 2023.
• PNCU has Strong Asset Quality -The PNCU’s Delinquent Loans to Total Loans is very low 0.14% and our Net Charge-Offs to Average Loans is 0.01%….that’s not a typographic error… our net charge-offs are non-existent. PNCU does not make irresponsible loans to its members.
• PNCU has ample Liquidity – The PNCU has a $65 million investment portfolio in conservative, “plain vanilla” investments. The credit risk within our portfolio is low to non-existent. PNCU maintains ample Cash & Other Deposits (in excess of $21 Million at year-end 2022) for daily operations and has significant borrowing capacity if needed.
• PNCU is Well Managed – One final yardstick of our performance that I am also very proud of is our Operating Expenses to Average Asset Ratio… this is a measure of the amount of overhead incurred by operations. PNCU’s ratio is a minimal 2.78%, one of the lowest overhead ratios in the country.


As you can see, The Polish National Credit Union has never been as financially healthy as it is today. We are a conservative, efficiently-run, technologically-advanced financial institution with a long heritage of fiscal responsibility. For over 100-years we have survived every economic upheaval including the events of 1929, the 1990s and 2008 and we shall do so again. We have an active and involved Board of Directors, and a group of talented, professional and caring employees who make it happen every day for our members.

James P. Kelly

President/ Chief Executive Officer

Relationships Built to Last

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