When we heard about the heroic acts of Ryan Adje (15) of Westfield, MA, member of the Polish National Credit Union, we had to share his story.

On Saturday, August 22nd, Ryan Adje, a freshman at Westfield High School was spending his afternoon playing basketball in the driveway with his friend, Josaiah (also from Westfield, MA).

Suddenly, they heard a neighbors cry for help. With no hesitation, Ryan and his friend sprinted across the street and what they saw was frightening. A young man in his early twenties lying unresponsive on the ground. Ryan recalled the young man’s pulse fading quickly and knew he needed to take action.

Without wasting any time, Ryan and Josaiah started to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), a skill they learned from their gym class.  With one hand on top of the other, his fingers interlocked, Ryan started pumping his fists into the victim’s chest to increase the flow of oxygen.

Arriving at the scene moments later, Josaiah’s mother witnessed Ryan performing CPR while her son, Josaiah assisted. Ryan could feel the young man start breathing on his own and finally, became alert. By the time the ambulance arrived, the man was able to open his eyes and was taken to a near hospital.

It was not long after, the Westfield Police and Fire Department arrived. As they spoke to Ryan and Josaiah, they emphasized how impressive their actions had been and that the two men displayed true heroism.

The young man has fully recovered thanks to the actions of Ryan and Josaiah. We want to thanks Ryan and Josaiah for their bravery and for their quick thinking. PNCU is proud to have members like Ryan.

(Ryan Adje standing between Messanvi Ekon, VP, Compliance and Mike Sugrue, EVP of the Polish National Credit Union)